Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Designer Challenge

My first project with Charlotte STYLE Magazine will be to pit a designer shoe against a similar, more affordable version of the showcased trend.

This time it's mesh booties. The contenders: Jimmy Choo vs. Kate Preston (Off Broadway Brand)

In dollars and cents, including tax it's $1045 vs. $54

The Challenge:

I'll be covering Fashion's Night Out at the Metropolitan in Charlotte, NC on September 8th. I'll be wearing the Jimmy Choo booties while my glamourous stepdaughter will literally follow in my footsteps in the lookalikes for one of the biggest fashion events in the Queen City. Both shoes are brand-new, never-worn condition.

I'll be video logging and photographing the entire event including the normal wear and tear our feet and shoes will go through. Will our feet bleed? Will the sole get ratty? Maybe a heel will break? What happens if we step in a puddle?

We'll pit the shoes against the elements and only normal wear and tear and then report back.

Want to know exactly how much Choo you're getting for your money? Stay tuned here, on, or come see me at the event!! It starts at 6pm and you can get your tickets at Just put the date and the event name and you're all set to purchase!! See you there!!


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